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Trends in Craft #2 : Matryoshkas!

Since I joined Etsy, I've noticed there are certain themes and motifs in craft that are insanely popular. Some are cute, some quirky, and some are in fashion seemingly for no reason whatsoever. This is no. 2 in a series of 10.

Traditional Matryoshka Nesting Dolls. Image from stpetersburger.com

Matryoshkas have been big, big, big in craft for the last couple of years. Matryoshka dolls are a traditional Russian toy and folk art. Nesting dolls are a part of many native cultures, but in Russia were depicted as a female in folk dress - either the Matryoshka (deriving from a name meaning young and/or fertile woman) or Babushka (meaning grandmother - this is the name I knew as a child). I'm sure most women remember being given a set of nesting dolls as a child, or at least seeing them somewhere. Their onion-like layers make for a fascinating toy, and their lacquered, hand-painted surfaces make them a precious keepsake.

Why are Matryoshkas so popular right now? I have a theory. When the resurgence of Craft first started over five years ago now, it was all about being new, modern, different to what came before. New-style crafters wanted to get away from what their grandmothers were making and position themselves as hip and cool. Craft was hardcore. Then a couple of years later, we said "hang on a minute, I actually like my Grandmother's craft!" The pendulum swung the other way. The cute, the kitsch and the folk started to re-appear. As we grew older, we began to reminisce, to look to our childhoods for inspiration. Crafters are also starting to have children, and want to supply them with the same toys and imagery that they themselves enjoyed as children. Most little girls seem to love dollies, and Matryoshkas come from a long, proud line of Handmade. Matryoshkas have now migrated from doll form to jewellery, accessories, homewares and all sorts!

Line 1:Line 2:
Left: bag by Farfalla Gialla.Left: amigurumi pattern by Amy Gaines.
Middle: earrings by June Bugz. Middle: plushies by Ravenhill.
Right: print by Jen Skelley.Right: quilt by Sewn Natural.
Line 3:Line 4:
Left: knitting needles by Sail On Baby.Left: print by Amy Perrotti.
Middle: sachets by Beaky.
Middle: bracelet by BN Design.
Right: brooches by RoomMate.Right: plushie by Balt Coast.

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